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Cloudy New Year's Day--My Favorite!

ETA: Apparently I wrote this entry and then didn't post it and then forgot about it. It's like that time I thought I had run out of frozen bananas for my peanut butter-banana milkshake and then found some in the freezer and so I had a shake...I mean, it's almost like that time, only better, and with more words.

Oh look, it's New Year's Day. It's a new year, all shiny and fat with possibilities and hopes and goals...ANYTHING could happen this year. ANYTHING--good stuff, hard stuff, necessary stuff...stuff so awesome I will want to cry like a little girl...

Also, this stuff could happen:

I could write one letter a month. On paper. With words and ink and stamps for mailing.

I could learn how to cook food. Real food; whole food; food that tastes good and makes for the healthiness of being alive.

I could finish this rewrite that is actually going pretty well right now...I could revise and polish and get crits and then...

I could query. It could happen.

I could pay off one of my credit cards. And never use it again.

I could go to Greece...I should go to Greece...I should go to Greece! Done!

I could read a Rob Thomas book out of love for Veronica Mars.

I could learn how to blog. I could make friends and be friends and have friends...I like people*.

I could buy more books!! Hee!

I could meet a Beastie Boy.

See? Gallons of possibilities. The potential for awesome is pretty much endless.

Plus, I love God. Sometimes I just want to say that.

*I mean, I like awesome people. So, basically, you.